Burning down negative thoughts, and arises to

Full of fiery energy and wielding a fierce and fast tongue, Chatta charms audiences with her alluring rhythms and empowering lyrics. Born of a Jamaican milieu consisting of the St. Andrew and Westmoreland districts, she stays true to her musical roots, while interweaving a new age energy designed to inspire listeners to healing and wholeness.

Often praised for her writing skills as a child, Chatta pursued journalism early on, but music continued to pull at her heart. A performer since the age of fourteen, she found herself at home on stage, electrifying viewers with the songs she loved. She quickly developed her own style—a unique combination of Jamaican rhythms, lyrical melodies, and rapid-fire vocals.

Chatta graduated in 2004 from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Anthropology. That same year, she released her first album, The Speed of Consciousness. The album went on to number one on Roots I Radio in Kingston, Jamaica. Over the next few years, Chatta would be named Best Dancehall Female Artist at the Toronto International Reggae Music Awards in 2005, and Best Dancehall Female Artist at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards in 2007, and Best Dancehall Female Artist at the Canadian Reggae Achievement Awards in 2008. As well as numerous Awards for Dancehall Female Dj at the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Reggae Xclusive Recognition Awards.

Building on her early success, she continued to observe the world around her, and realized something was missing. People were burdened with excess weight and disease, brought down with negativity and low self-esteem, and unwittingly making the wrong choices for their health and well being. Possessing a compassionate heart, she wanted to reach out. It was then she experienced what she calls an “inner awakening” to her own, unique purpose.

“It was right in front of my face,” she says. “I was meant to help people heal! I could combine my communications skills, the spirit of my music, and my desire for optimal wellness to be a healing instrument for others.”

In an industry where the female body is often negatively portrayed and lyrical vulgarity remains all too common, Chatta is determined to distribute her message in a positive way that attracts listeners while elevating their intrinsic value as worthwhile human beings. In “Bun Dung,” she invites fans to burn down negative thoughts intended to destroy. In “The Speed of Consciousness,” she warns that hidden truths and deceptions in the world will “Pass you by if you don’t open your eye.” Think clearly, and realize the gift of life, she hails in “Complain Not,” which went to number one in February and March on the CKLN International Chart in 2007.

A performer at the Toronto International Reggae Awards; Toronto’s Annual Jamaica Independence Day Celebration; The University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, St. Mary Me Come From in St. Mary Jamaica, Montreal Reggae Festival, and also opened for Coco Tea, Capleton, Taurus Riley, Wyclef Jean, The Rascals, Queens of Reggae, Reggae Divas, among countless other venues and openings for international Artists. Chatta never fails to energize and uplift her audience. Chatta recorded in combination with international singing phenomenon Turbulence in 2009, as well as a radio promotional jingle with international Reggae sensation Capleton. Her goal, above all, is to use her unique gift of lyrical and staccato vocals combined with provocative and percussive rhythms to inspire others to awake to their surroundings, burn down negative thoughts, and arise to greatness.